Monday, June 7, 2010


Thanks be to Not Don for rescuin' my summer.  He swooped in tonight with frequent flier miles and an iPad to finally book our summer trip to Virginia.  I've been stewin' about drivin' v. flyin', on which dates, to which airport, yada yada yada, I had the bisque...Now we're in, we're goin', we're booked and we're perfectly shoe-horned between his trip to Italy and C. Louise's school orientation camp.  (I realize orientation camp sounds gruesome - it has some pithy name I can't recall like "RaMp It UP!")  Now we're swoopin' off to the Old Dominion and I can stop wringin' my hands about it.

This has been another great Marital Moment, brought to you by the letter G.


TeacherSharon said...

I don't just like this post; I LIKE it like it. I wanna take it out and spoil it and call it "sugar."

Kit said...

So when's the big trip?

Olivejenny said...

Don't you mean iHad the bisque?