Saturday, June 19, 2010

Father's Day preview

I did something for my husband today that he only gets once every few years. (Minds out of the gutter, please.) I mowed the lawn. This is a very big deal. I got up bright and early to get it done while he was off golfing. (Y'all, I have resolved to never complain about the heat, but I will point out for those who do not know this: I live in Texas and it's June and I'm mowing the lawn and it doesn't matter how early you go out, it's already blazing hot. See? That wasn't complaining.) Then, I cleaned and took the girls shopping for  gifts for tomorrow. I had Not Don take a nap when he got home from golfing, cause I'm all saintly like that. Then, I took his car to the car wash. (Vacuuming a spouse's car in 100+ degree temps (not complaining) is a sure sign of: a) true love, b) dementia, c) someone who wants to brag on their blog later.) I filled the gas tank, too, while I was at it. Then, we went out to dinner. Now, we're watching Airplane!

So then. It feels like Father's Day is done, no? Well, no, not even close. I can't publish our top secret super surprise plans for tomorrow - I'll report back. The girls are fired up. Meanwhile, I'm making a list of demands for Mother's Day 2011.


susan said...

you are in inspiration in so many ways! :)

Olivejenny said...

I've been sick the last couple days and am catching up on my favorite blog. (yours, silly!) I'm pretending like I read this post before the one above it.

Wow, Not Stacy!!! Dan is a lucky guy! You've got it all covered and I am impressed with your lack of complaining about the oppressive, relentless heat in the Big T. It's like a whole other country. As for your M Day 2K11 list, perhaps you should start a file. You're gonna deserve it.