Monday, June 14, 2010

Cultural step forward, dietary step back.

The Not Brady Family was invited to have authentic Mexican food at the home of one of N's friends from school yesterday evening. We don't know the family well. The Mom was so sweet to invite us all over after we'd had a discussion several weeks ago about who among our kids will eat different foods at Tex-Mex restaurants. "I'll cook you real Mexican food," she'd said and immediately set a date for the dinner.  I was nervous since I speak no Spanish and she has limited English proficiency. Also, I was nervous about the menu since I have been eating a vegan diet for 2 (!) whole weeks. Anyhoo, I decided I did not want to be the douche saying, "I'm a vegan..." so I decided in advance to eat everything. I don't know what the meat was marinated in - they didn't seem to know either - but it was fabulous. The beans had both sausage and bacon in them. The guacamole was more or less pico de gallo with chunks of avocado - divine. It was all delicious. Language, schmanguage - beer and grilled beef is all people really need to connect. As for my health kick, I'm back to being a douche vegan.


The Mike said...

Food is not the enemy.

Shutt2u said...

Had that experience when I was leaving T-town. One of my German students invited me over for dinner. I explained that I was vegetarian and thought she understood. Showed up to find chicken and beef on the table...ate it without a word!

Olivejenny said...

Wow, I'm just as impressed with Shutt2u as I am with you, Not Stacy. I'm afraid organic eating goes out the window, too, when someone else is cooking. (hey, I'm lucky anyone will cook for me.) (or invite me over) (I just quietly do a complete tissue and organ cleanse after) (shhhhhhHHHH!) (Mike's right, food is not the enemy, just the Not Food in it) (if that makes me a douche then so be it) (I don't have any douche jokes) (on purpose)

My captcha is quivel. JACKPOT!

Anonymous said...

Hey I met a guy who is a vegetarian (I realize this is much less pure than vegan, but work with me here) -- except when he eats at other people's homes. Then he eats whatever he is served! I thought this was a great idea: gives you the benefit of a healthy diet and the benefit of NOT being a douche!