Saturday, June 5, 2010

Run Down

5:30 AM did not arrive at my house until around 8:00 AM today.  I did run.  I did stub my toe so hard that I have a deep bruise and blood blister.  I don't think I'll be able to wear my Five Finger shoes again for a few days.

Tomorrow we go to the horse races.  Now that's running I can enjoy.  I like to bet based on my dreams from the night before.  Proper dream interpretation in the seventh race = cash money.

If I were less brain dead right now I would tie together my lame attempt at running with the grace of horses running and how I much prefer to be the slob/voyeur instead of the hoofer.  Or, I would regale you with prior dream/winning bet combinations so you could look forward to my inevitably cute/profitable report tomorrow.  I know what I should do for you, you who has now made it to paragraph 3.  Instead, I'm running off to bed to get my dream on.

1 comment:

Olivejenny said...

Sufferin Succotash to place in the third. I'm telling you. (not really, I just made it up) (there, you're on your own again, Dream Weaver) Good luck!

Sorry to hear about the toe. (owie!) Are you sure these foot gloves are safe?