Thursday, June 17, 2010

Local Color

Dallas, I must love you. Days like today remind me why I got over my Dallas Hate years ago. This morning, I took Miss M to her swim lesson and was greeted by John 3:16 on the dry erase board. Last week, the greeting read, "Jesus is my lifeguard." Bible Belt swimmers are the safest swimmers in the world.

Here's the studio where that middle kid of mine is doing an art camp this week. I used the Hipstamatic app on my iPhone to take this photo. This is the back of the building - an old Whataburger - with the word ART stenciled on the door. Can you feel the cool?

Here's Premiere Video's foreign film section. I love that ladder and how the DVDs and videos go all the way to the ceiling. I was renting something for C. Louise that stars Scarlett Johansson's husband - not from this wall, alas. I'm just glad to know it's there.

It was a beautiful day in my neighborhood.

p.s. I also went to the Dollar Tree today and that's not at all interesting or special except I noticed they sell pregnancy tests. For a dollar.


susan said...

is "one and only" the modern version of "only begotten"?? :)

Very cool pictures. I want that app for my Droid. (I only have the Droid because I won't switch from Verizon)

Olivejenny said...

This post fills me with emotion. Yesterday we found out our local video store is going out of business. (I'm crushed!) They did not have videos to the ceiling or an awesome library ladder, but did provide local junkies with a job. I've never used NetFlix and don't want to. I feel lost. Guess I'll take the green pill and watch The Matrix for the 37th time. (or is it the red pill?) (and is the green pill green or blue?) (clearly the video store closing is for my own good)

My captcha is blema. (Blame confused)

Jack said...

I'd switch pools if I saw that sign. Talk about making certain people feel unwelcome. Besides that, Muslims, Buddhists, Atheists, and others probably feel the pool is pretty darn unsafe if Jesus is the lifeguard!