Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Drink With Jam and Bread

Such is my commitment to green tea with soy milk, I have invested in a reusable cup.  It's washed and ready for me to begin saving the environment tomorrow.  I haven't had coffee in more than 2 weeks and I don't miss it. Not yet anyway.

(Yes, I took this picture this morning in anticipation of having nothing interesting to say today.) (That is my new cowboy hat in the background.)


susan said...

Love the hat, love the cup. I have a reusable "hot" mug. I am holding out until Christmas to buy the cold cup. (I want the red and white striped straw) :) Very impressive on giving up coffee. I wish I could. My daughter just left for Frisco (sp??) today. I need to tell her to bring me back a cowboy hat from Texas.

TeacherSharon said...

Are we both wearing our cowboy hats to the reunion?!

Olivejenny said...

I can totally tell you don't miss the coffee. ;)

(Captcha: poutor)