Wednesday, June 2, 2010

In A Tiny Voice

I want to make a virtual Dudeist church sign, but I have writer's block. It's like deciding what a tattoo should say.  I have the same feeling whenever I try to do my Six Word Memoir.  Or Twitter for that matter.  I wouldn't be blogging if I could spit it out in 140 characters or less.  As for that tattoo, I'm not opposed.  I just can't imagine what I'd say and it's a teeny bit more of a commitment than a tweet.


Olivejenny said...

Tattoos: easier to delete than tweets.

susan said...

Dudeism. I like it!
My six word memoir..

Let your freak flag fly...Yo!

Maybe more of a quote, but nonetheless.

Not Stacy said...

This could be your 6 word memoir.
"Tattoos: easier to delete than tweets."
It's genius.