Thursday, June 10, 2010

Exercise doesn't suck.

I have gotten up at 5:30AM the last three days to run with Not Don and another couple. (We're a flash mob of 4 and it's fun.)  I've also added a bizarre slice of childhood trauma as my version of cross-training. (Cross-training = hahaha, overstatement.)  This week, I have jumped rope, hula hooped and roller skated. These are all things I suck at and sucked at (and was embarrassed by my suckage) as a kid. (Second grade was a nightmare of rope jumping ineptitude. Mommy!) (And now you're going, huh?  Hula hooping counts as exercise?) To this day, I can only manage to jump rope or hula hoop for perhaps 30 seconds at a time.  Getting up early + exercise + 30 seconds of cross-training are sucking the life out of me.  I'm sleeeepy. I've dozed off twice while writing this. (You too?)

No running is scheduled for tomorrow - no early wake-up call and no childhood flashbacks. I expect to return to my normal level of physical activity of rearranging furniture and kicking my dog.

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Olivejenny said...

Ahhhh, the return to normal. Isn't it great? Don't forget to bend your knees when rearranging furniture! And that'll teach that dog. (oy)

I wish I had a flash mob to run with. Except I don't run. And nobody who wakes up when I do wants to exercise. But other than that, I'm wishing in one hand and shitting in the other and seeing which one fills up first. (a lovely parting gift from my first husband)

(I didn't doze off once) :D