Friday, June 18, 2010

Pretty in Pink

Anyone remember back in February when I said I was going to redo my master bedroom, the most neglected room in the house? Well, voila! No, this isn't it.  This is Middle Girl's new room, which was previously our guest room.  (Guests are no longer welcome in the Not Brady home! Stay AWAY!) Our contractor and friend, Not George, painted the room pink, installed the shelves, cabinets and sconces (all from Ikea, of course) and disassembled/moved/reassembled the daybed. (He also installed a new curtain rod and lace curtains, not pictured.) My room? Looks exactly the same as it did in February.

Congratulations, Middle Girl! You look pretty happy.


TeacherSharon said...

Perfect in every way, especially Middle Girl!

susan said...

very nice. I likey a lot!

Olivejenny said...

This is really beautiful in exactly the way I love - I've never seen anything like it. Yay, Middle Girl! Yay Not George! Yay Not Stacy! If you like, you can let the hypothetical unwelcome future guests have the sameoldsameold MBR and you and Not Don can enjoy a new room at a hotel. Pick something schmancy. :D