Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sidney, soup, Sidney

Oh, how I love Sidney Poitier. I watched To Sir With Love twice tonight - kind of an odd double feature.  C. Louise walked in after I'd made it 3/4 of the way through the first time and said she'd like to see it from the beginning, so we started over. (Oh, but between viewings, we went out to dinner because how could I cook when I was so busy watching Sir? Dinner out was also C. Louise's idea - she's a smart kid. I had a delicious carrot soup and a salad, then back to Sir.) Because C. Louise appreciated the film, I must push her past the point of caring by showing a Sidney Poitier film festival. I considered Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, In the Heat of the Night and Lilies of the Field as our next film, but then I remembered how much I love Patch of Blue. I haven't seen it in decades and it still scares me. Shelley Winters plays a vile creature. Sidney is heroic, as always. The girl is blind, stringing beads and always lost in the park. Oh, melodrama. If I recommend the film, C. Louise won't watch it. So, I'll just start watching it myself, then C. Louise can interrupt and be like, "hey, wait, why can't I watch that?" and then we can pause it, go out for soup, then start it from the beginning and our Sidney Poitier ritual will be established.

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TeacherSharon said...

When I was in publishing, I was terrified of my boss/friend Not Dan's boss. She was rough, gruff, and had freakishly oversize pictures of her (unphotogenic) grandson all over the walls of her office. She said things like, "I'm inclined to think William Kennedy Smith didn't rape that girl because I'm the mother of sons. We always take up for the boys." [Um, no, we don't.] When Not Dan once asked me why she scared me so much, I said, "She's Shelly Winters in A Patch of Blue." He understood immediately.