Monday, June 21, 2010

Get out.

In our beloved, plastic town of Dallas, TX, nature is elusive. It must be pursued. We did some serious nature hunting yesterday. We Not Bradys aren't super-outdoorsy types, so this was big for us. Today, we're all safely back indoors with our laptops and Wii console, looking fondly at our iPhone photos from good ol' yesterday.

6:45 AM, running at White Rock Lake

10:00 AM, hiking at Cedar Ridge Preserve


TeacherSharon said...

You were an F Day role model for us all this year. You made the magic happen for Not Don on all fronts! (FYI: I told an ecstatically disbelieving Not Dandy that I'd only change the kitty litter whenever you mow the lawn, so don't make it a habit, homeslice.)

Olivejenny said...

Now this is inspirational. (exclamation!) :D

(I don't know why my captcha is "perscoff." I really don't.)