Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I've Been Slacking

It's June 1. I have had two episodes these past couple of weeks of walking away from the blog for a few days. The first time, I was in a bad mood; the second time, I was in a really good mood. Apparently, I'm only inspired to write when feeling eh. "Eh" is my inspiration.

In honor of June 1, I'm giving myself a directive (yeah, I'm talking to you) to blog everyday until the beginning of Lent. I was going to go in for the full 365, but giving the blog up for Lent next year should be an option. Until then, I'll post with reckless disregard for my feelings.

(Why honor June 1? Why the hell not. It's as good a jumping off point as any other.) {I stopped right here to google significant June 1 events and..}

I'M FREAKING OUT! I just googled June 1 birthdays and Charlene was born on JUNE 1, 1950! I just NOW found this out! I had already embedded the video and everything before looking it up. I had already written the above parenthetical. My hair is standing on end. I'm dying.


Olivejenny said...

You're not dying, you're living. Ha! Some folks like it, others it makes nauseous. ;)

jhaygood said...

how do you do that twilight zone theme in text?

susan said...

Hey Lady!