Friday, June 11, 2010

A Spoon Full of Saccharin

Miss M has been in swim lessons this week. She blows kisses at me during her lessons.  Today, she yelled over to me, "Mommy, I share my heart with you." All the other moms went, "AWWWW!  She is so sweet!" And just like that, they forgot about her pumping her fist, yelling, "I am the Queen!" And they forgot about her misbehaving and being reprimanded and losing her cookie privilege. And they forgot how she chats throughout the lesson, distracting everyone else and interrupting the teacher. And they forgot her telling the other kids, "Well, my dive was perfect.  No offense, I'm just saying."

That kid's got a future.


susan said...

she is awesome!

Olivejenny said...

She's as sweet as Tupelo honey. (just sayin) :D

Also, all moms instinctively know to cheer the "AWWWW! She is so sweet!" moments and immediately forget the tangier moments. (until you leave and they talk about you behind your back)