Tuesday, June 1, 2010

One room, two sides

The getting rid of shit initiative continues - slowly, but it continues. My house might need some fiber.

Slight progress has been made. You know I gutted the armoire of its art supplies and I made a trip to Goodwill. We have also painted our living room and dining room white. We're now calling our office The Yoga Room. We don't do yoga, but expect to be motivated to take it up by an uncluttered space called The Yoga Room. Any day now. (I have made zero progress on our master bedroom - it is still "before.") Every room is in a transitional phase.

Here are opposite ends of my living room today.
By the door, a new pile of shit for Goodwill. Yippee, progress.

On the mantle, a new configuration.  The painting deserves a close-up.

A dear 12-year-old friend of ours painted this and gifted us with it. It's our backyard. We only just took down the swing set a few weeks back, which makes the painting even sweeter.


Olivejenny said...

Your Yoga Room sounds a lot like our exercise room. I've spent years collecting all that heavy crap and what's-a-doozits and thought it all deserved a museum. The velvet rope keeps all the riff-raff out. And me. (ok, it's more the sweating and heavy lifting that keeps me out, but the velvet rope excuse will do) I'm not "on the list."

My life is a transitional phase. Unfortunately, no artists have been inspired to document it. (love the painting!)

susan said...

I had to comment because my word is "reephell" I am pronouncing it Reap Hell!
Love the painting. It is wonderful.