Thursday, June 24, 2010

Boondoggle Alert

Did I build enough suspense with my posting about The Wall? Seems like it was only a few hours ago!

Said wall is in our office and behind the wall is the staircase. Untapped space lurked under the stairs and I wanted to take a tiny peak to see if it would be usable for storage or possibly for a secret room (and if you're creating a secret room, by all means post it on the internet).

Nice hole.
OK, are you comfortable? Let's get a little closer.
Let's take a look at what's in there.
And there.
And there.
And there.
A generation (at least) before I thought of making an under-the-stairs secret room, someone in this house beat me to it, and they had a pretty sweet poster collection. Now, my house was built in 1910 (happy 100th, old girl!) so it's possible tragic love letters from WWI could have been discovered today. That's okay. I'll take my old shitty posters over WWI...umm, no, the letters would have been awesome.

The hole has now been expanded to something more door shaped.
And here is the vast space where we will stuff our children. It's decent enough for a couple of bean bag chairs and a book shelf.
The boondoggle to follow should become out of control - light it? drywall it? ventilate it? What is a Harry Potter room worth?

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