Monday, February 16, 2015

5 Years On

Blogs are dead. This thing called blogger might be as much a wasteland as Google+. I don't really know. Five years ago, I was already late to the concept of blog-as-personal-diary. Five years ago, I was a little down, I had my first, shiny, new MacBook and I decided to publish a lame diary. I tied it to Lent and, once I went back yesterday to read my initial entries, I remembered I had danced as my Lenten observation. Totally forgot the dancing.

Five years on, I have my second, shiny, new MacBook. I'm feeling vague, ineffective and overwhelmed. Cycling and recycling.

Today is Presidents' Day and I'm off from work (sorta). I decided to go to an old coffee shop haunt of mine, as a treat, and tap out some lines on this NEW laptop. The last time I hung out at this place, I was writing copy for a decorating/gift catalog and this was my office. Now, I'm a teacher/principal/business operator. Instead of this place being my office, it's an escape from my real work, my treat to myself.

Considering I forgot already what I put out there five years ago, and considering this guy says none of it will last long into the future, the point is only in the doing. I'm doing for today.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Thanks for the memories

I can't remember why Lent, of all things, motivated me to begin blogging in the ancient days of 2010. Perhaps if I read myself, I wouldn't have to try to remember. Lent starts Wednesday. I might be in the mood to write again. If I remember to follow through on this idea on Wednesday, I will go for 40 days.

And just as I was about to insert the disclaimer that I am not religious, etc, etc, I have to go right now and wash dog slobber off the front door. The minister and her family are coming for dinner.