Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New Mac City

It's a bird!  It's a plane!  It's Not Don!

I mistakenly said Not Don doesn't regularly follow this blog.  Turns out, he heard my moaning and whining about my computer loud and clear.  I walked into the living room tonight to find a beautiful little Mac where my Dell had been just a few moments earlier.  Not Don is Superman.  He swoops right in to save the day!  He won't, however, change into Clark Kent to man my personal help desk.  Being a Mac means I am technologically on my own.  (The delete key is really the backspace key.  What's a command key?  I'm lost.)  Not Don is still and will always be Superman, so who needs Clark Kent anyway?

I'd also like to report that I shopped with my Mom today.  She bought herself a swimsuit and built a springtime bunny at Build-A-Bear.  These things kept her happy while I dragged the mall for Easter clothes.  My girls will be clothed and shod with seasonal flair - no black.  Do not worry, friends.  I will be wearing a linen skirt, pink sandals and a new t-shirt.  (My fashion rule is if the t-shirt is new, it's appropriate for any occasion.  Ask Sharon Stone.)

A successful shopping trip and a new computer?  The conspicuous consumption is delicious tonight.  I hope the inevitable hangover is delayed and mild.


TeacherSharon said...

I just want to point out that I called it. I always have faith in Not Don and his Mac store connections. Leotard? Did he get LEOTARD?

Not Don said...

I read this blog three or four times a week. I was surprised that Not Stacy assumed I wasn't reading. I did not see the Leotard post in the allotted time...I felt bad about it.

Anyway, I hope I get a chance for makeup Leotard.

Olivejenny said...

If the game of "Leotard" were like the game of HORSE, coming through with the Mac equates to sinking L-E-O-T-A. (not to be confused with Ray Liotta) I think I've said enough.

Congratulations, Not Stacy!