Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring Break Begins

Spring Break started today.  The older two had school, but Miss M. was off.  She and I took a sweet walk to Matt's Rancho Martinez for lunch.  That kid can gobble some refried beans.  I had the Lite Lunch.  Luckily enough, the Lite Lunch includes chile con queso and ground beef and fried taco shells and guacamole.  Lite indeed.  I ordered a side of sour cream.

The ski trip starts Sunday.  Are we ready?  Well, I bought all three girls green wigs to wear on St. Patrick's Day.  No one has wool socks, but I think we're ready.


TeacherSharon said...

Don Pablo's didn't seem so bad last night as a last-minute dinner stop until we both saw on Foursquare that you'd been to Matt's. Tears. Wringing of hands. Wailing.

Olivejenny said...

Warm feet are really overrated when you have a green wig, anyway.