Thursday, March 4, 2010

Deep v Shallow

Something important is taking place in Dallas this Sunday. As part of a global demonstration in support of women in war torn countries, local women and girls will band together for peace. They are using the symbol of the bridge, and inviting women to gather on the bridge on White Rock Lake. Here's some info:

"By taking part in Women for Women International's Join Me on the Bridge campaign you can be part of a growing powerful movement that says "no to war and yes to women's peace and development. Bring posters with messages of peace, love, and hope!!"

Several women I know and admire will be there with their daughters.  It will undoubtedly be a beautiful and powerful event.

This event happens at 5:00 PM. On Sunday. During the heart of the Oscars red carpet coverage. I have a firmly developed family tradition of sitting on my couch for 8 straight hours on Oscar night.  I live for this shit.  It's the most All-American activity I participate in:  celeb watching and critiquing (free speech), sloth and snacks (pursuit of happiness), cut-throat competition (capitalism) and Alec Baldwin (Irish).  I can tell I totally lost you with the All-American rationalization.  You're no fool.  Yes, I have heard of tivo.

I'm torn.  I want to both save the world and be frivolous.  I want to enlighten my children as well as bond with them over pop culture.  I want to carry a sign and I want to lay around with a shawl over me.  I want to support women (sisterhood!) and I want to rip them apart for wearing a dress with poofy sleeves (OMG).

I haven't made any official decision yet about what I'll be doing on Sunday, but I think you know where I'll be.

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