Friday, March 19, 2010

Is it still Lent?

Getting all meta, so you're excused from reading today.  Feel free to go to this blog instead.

I'm not dancing.  I haven't danced in several days.  What does this mean in Lenten terms?  Am I damned to hell?  Do I just need to walk around feeling badly about myself?  What, what are the consequences?  I started this project with the statement that Lent is not a self-help program.  Dancing is supposed to be a celebratory interlude in my day.  Now I feel guilty for not celebrating enough.  Hmm.  I thought I'd found a loophole that turns out to not be there.

As for blogging, I'm still trying to get my arms around some of the basics of etiquette.  For instance, if I go back and re-read something, I'm frustrated that I cannot tweak my post.  I often give myself poor marks for clarity, but once it's published, that's it.  It is possible to make changes after the fact, but it's wrong except in special cases.  (A special case happened just yesterday, where I'd had several drinks and tried to post from my phone and had to go back and correct a bunch of spelling mistakes.)  I also don't typically respond to comments, though I read and appreciate them all.  In making post-post edits or comments, it seems like once I've spoken my little bit, I need to step out of the loop.

In conclusion:  Lent = no loopholes, blogging = step out of my own loop.  I have no idea what that conclusion means.  (Oh!  And I should never try to post when I'm looped!  ha ha ha ha ha...look at me, over-playing the loop thing.  Ah, ok, time for bed.)


The Mike said...

Mani-pedi cures all Lenten blues and is good for the soul (as long as it's in a spa and the people around you are unobtrusive and the manicurist isn't overly chatty).

Be as loopy as you like and as loopy as people can stand (or find new people (but don't find new people because we like you; we really like you.)).

Oh, and parentheticals, use plenty of parentheticals (I love parentheticals (especially nested ones).).

Olivejenny said...

Kinda hard for me to believe there'd be any consequences for not dancing. ... Perhaps you should just post twice on the days you don't dance, though. (just in case) (because I certainly have NO idea what it means) And I think your blog is Looper! (that rhymes with "Super" - so there) (I'm with Mike on the parentheticals) (XO)

TeacherSharon said...

I am a novice blog audience member as well. I rarely comment here because I've been rendered mute by the lack of a "Like" button and not seeing your responses in my newsfeed. I don't even think typing < and 3 together will make an automatic heart symbol on this thing. That's some anachronistic shit right there. (See--I even SWEAR here. I never do that on Not Erasebook.) This is a cry for help.

Olivejenny said...


(just checking)


(anachronistic shit, like you said, Sharon) (though I must say I like the preview feature here) (which is not available on Not Erasebook) (Seacrest OUT!)