Monday, March 29, 2010


I love this man, J. Barkley Rosser.  He was my favorite professor in college.  He was eccentric and incredibly smart and gave lectures full of sly asides and profanity and tidbits from culture, religion and history.  He paced and gestured wildly and ran his hands through his hair.  He was tough, but after one semester with him, I was hooked on economics and tried to sign up for whatever he was teaching the next three years.  Many years later, I'm reduced to stalking him on the internet.  I found him on his blog.  He rags on VA Attorney General here and takes on HCR here.  What's not to love, right?

I sent him a friend request on facebook.  He never accepted my friend request.  But for some strange facebook reason, I get his posts in my newsfeed.  His new friendships show up in my newsfeed, too.  He accepted two people today.  Facebook is taunting me with the fact that the most influential, beloved person in my higher education either doesn't remember me or doesn't like me or just doesn't care that I'm waiting.  Waiting!  WAAHHH!

I keep reading his blog because I'm a stalker.  I keep checking his facebook profile because I'm pathetic.  If I were smart enough to understand any of his books, I would read them, too.  Barkley, you're a heartbreaker!

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Randy said...

I mostly miss the turtlenecks and corduroys. That and "sex and beer are not mutually exclusive."