Sunday, March 21, 2010

83 Candles Down

Today brings us to the conclusion of a big celebratory season for the Not Bradys.  This year's round of birthday parties was centered on restaurants - the theme-ier, the better.

It began in a wine bar for Not Don's 50th birthday celebration the first weekend in February.  (The theme was getting drunk on wine, in case you need lots of spelling-it-out.)  A week later, we ventured to Chuck E. Cheese's with a batch of kids in honor of the 8-year-old's birthday.  The following weekend it was Benihana, plus slumber party, for the 14-year-old.  Tonight, we conclude the restaurant tour with The Magic Time Machine, where our waiter was dressed as Joe Dirt and I paid $20 for balloon animals.  The 11-year-old was all smiles.  She and her pals are all asleep by now. 

It's always a bit of a whirlwind with 4 out of 5 Not Bradys celebrating in a six week span.  For some reason, this Year of the Restaurant has seemed every bit as taxing as hosting parties at home...I remember those days.  In any case, it's more than eight months before our next Not Brady birthday.  I have that long to decide on my own theme restaurant.  Maybe I'll put on some flair and relive my TGIFriday's days.  (Please don't let me do this.  It's really a cry for help.)

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