Sunday, March 14, 2010

Loud and proud

Can hardly take time to write because my friend has a youtube dance party going on over on facebook and I have to step off the dance floor for this ...

I've never been particularly proud of my musical taste.  I grew up listening to whatever happened to be on the radio.  I never got beyond Top 40 stuff, then switched to NPR as an adult and was pretty much music-free for years.  My ipod brought back the hits from my youth - Queen, Prince, Guns-n-Roses, AC/DC, Madonna and (heaven help me) Paula Abdul - but didn't get me to try anything new.  Stunted am I.

One of the few musical "discoveries" I've made as an adult is The White Stripes.  I'm a huge fan of Jack White.  Tonight, I finally watched It Might Get Loud, a film profiling Jimmy Page, The Edge and Jack White as electric guitarists. Totally enjoyable. More noteworthy to me than their musical chops is what sweethearts these gentlemen are.

I transitioned from the electric guitar film to the facebook dance party.  While my dance party DJ busted out a variety of styles, and while I sampled every, single one he posted, this oldie but goody is my favorite of the evening.  Put the needle on the record.

And here we are.  The dance party is winding down and I'm springing forward.
(Next week is the CD/DVD release for The White Stripes' Under the Great White Northern Lights.  Proud to say I'll be getting that.)

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