Sunday, March 14, 2010

Oh, Honey

Arrived in Angelfire, NM to ski. I've been cast into the wilderness! No WiFi so I'm using my iPhone for this. No 3G connection so it's taking forever. Having to compose in HTML to get the keyboard to appear at all. I can barely text on this damn thing. And here's my post! Going to be a painful 3 days. The pain started already. Haven't been on skis yet, but I fell down the stairs and twisted my leg up behind me in some weird way. It hurt more than the Let Me Bounce To My Feet Quickly So No One Notices Me - it was on the Don't Touch Me While I Lay In The Snow And Consider If I'm Broken pain scale. I'm totally fine, by the way. I'm gonna hit publish now having no idea what I've written on my teeny screen or how it will look on the blog or whether it will even work with this weak sauce connection. For accurate understanding of where I'm coming from with this post, go back and insert "fucking" about every fourth word.


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Standing "O" for this post! Have fun on the slopes!