Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Erin go Bragh On Ice

Last day skiing. I got on a lift that went beyond bunny slopes to pure green hell. If you've ever skied, you know green = easy. HA! I fell at least 4 times. Luckily for Not Don, his children are all captivated by skiing. While the other four Not Bradys took the Chile Express lift to the top of the mountain, I made my way to the patio bar where I ordered a Black and Tan. It's St Patrick's Day after all. They cannot make one, the waiter tells me, so I order a Fat Tire, a Guinness and a spoon and make my own. The weather is perfect for patio sitting. Now, fast forward to five beers and two shots of espresso later. I'm starting to enjoy skiing. Just realized though that I left my ski boots in the bar.


Shutt2u said...

You can boogie--sans skis--to the song "I get knocked down, but I get up again. You're never gonna keep me down." Whoever sang that--boogie away.

The Mike said...

Chumbawumba gave us that, which incidentally, is the sound one makes as she rolls down the slope on fresh, natural powder.

Kit said...

Too funny! That is definitely my idea of a great 'skiing'.