Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fashion wears me out.

(Would titling this post "The Fashion of the Christ" be blasphemous and funny, or just plain blasphemous?)

Easter is a hard holiday for fashion.  I feel compelled to have my children (and myself) "appropriately" turned out, but we aren't church-goers.  Is there a need to get dressed-up for pagan egg hunting and bunny cake?

It's the seasonal transition that gets me.  It's the first day for white shoes (white shoes!  anyone?) and pastels are huge at Easter.  Miss M informed me today that her black maryjanes are not acceptable for Easter.  I must now buy her sandals. My Mother informed me today that jeans and clogs are not acceptable when it's 80 degrees and sunny. I must now wear jeans and clogs on Easter.  And all summer.


TeacherSharon said...

1. funny and blasphemous
2. yes
3. White shoes for kids = fine (Vogue says the old rule is gone unless you're old enough for assisted living), but I have yet to see white shoes that flatter adults, whether before or after Labor Day. Just sayin'.

You have 3 girls and thus must do what my two y chromosomes say I can't legally do to them: hats, white gloves, handbags, pastels. I'm counting on you.

The Mike said...

1. Funny
2. Yes
3. Yes
4. Don't you DARE (wear clogs and jeans for Easter)!

I have white shoes, two pair, now that I think of it, but I live in Miami where at least one pair is de rigueur.

Olivejenny said...

I'm wearing jeans and clogs right now. (what?) And white shoes only look good on Mike. Of this I'm certain. I'm gonna have to agree with Sharon about white shoes on children, but there's a firm age limit of 11. There's no gray area with white shoes. Happy Easter! :D

snoozq32 said...

1. Funny, Funny, blasphemous but in good taste
2. yes
3. White shoes are OK on kids but I have never been a big fan of white patent leather. White sandals though I can fully get behind.
4. just wear capris with your clogs and you will be fine :)