Saturday, March 20, 2010

Make-up Day

My computer died last night at 11:48 pm.  I was too disheartened at that hour to reboot and get started again on my post.  If only I hadn't been distracted by Erasure earlier in the evening.  Watch this and think about Lady Gaga.  I enjoy her, but the brief-briefs have been done, and done well.  Love the pumps, too.


The Mike said...

Where IS that dang Like button? Not Susan is correct in pointing out how quickly we become accustomed to new responses given new interfaces we commonly use. I often mentally (sometimes physically) reach for a mouse to click and drag to pan the screen to get a better view of things (even the television) when something is slightly off screen or I would like to rotate the objects to get a better view. This comes from playing too many online games (such as World of Warcraft, which I had played since beta until about six months ago).

TeacherSharon said...

Hurrah! I have a "Not" name at last!