Sunday, March 7, 2010


After all my yapping about An Education, I will not, alas, make it to a theater.  If I'm going to see anything nominated, I'll have to watch at home.  We at the Not Brady household do not use Netflix.  We still rent DVDs from a terrific, locally owned video store.  Premiere Video is a gem.  They carry every documentary, foreign film, independent film or PBS series you can name.  I rented five movies yesterday in hopes of miraculously getting around to watching a few of them.

Yesterday, I watched a little indy film. Can't remember the name of it and I'll leave it at that. Last night, the girls watched Ponyo.  Today, Not Don and I watched The Hangover.  Not a nominee, granted, but a great comedy nonetheless.

I'm halfway through Inglourious Basterds right now - paused for potty break.  I'm not a Brad Pitt fan normally and this movie does not persuade me otherwise.  Mike Myers' appearance as a British officer is weird and distracting.  I'm putting in the time, though.  Quentin is usually worth it.  (Mariah Carey and Mike Myers are both in films that could win a best picture award.  I'm frightened.)

I'll watch Hurt Locker in the morning while the rest of the family goes to Alice in Wonderland.
On a bloggy note:  it's after 1:00 AM, but I still count this as my 3/6/2010 entry since I've not gone to bed yet.  Also, I'm rethinking this whole "Not" naming convention I've established.  I didn't want to use my full name, then thought I'd better not use anyone elses either.  Seems overwrought at this point and I hate overwrought anything.  And really, you all know me!  Who am I kidding?
On a Lenten note:  I've been slacking on the dancing.  I dance, but I typically put away dishes or talk on the phone or review homework while doing so.  I'm going to set aside time for at least two songs, in a row, uninterrupted by the world.  I'll start with this tune tomorrow morning and see how well it segues into watching Hurt Locker.  Don't slap me cause I'm not in the mood.


TeacherSharon said...

Oh, Klymaxx, how I miss thee!

I never thought I'd live to see the day where I am more connected to what's happening on the red carpet than to the movies themselves, but that day has come. I blame the narcissistic people who never shut up in theaters now for keeping me away. I also don't like the 10 best picture noms thing. I can't remember all of that at this age.

P.S. Kinda bummed at the loss of the "Not" names.

Shutt2u said...

My friend Christine and I have complimentary tanks that read "Not Heather" and "Not Christine" (from ETSY!) after enduring people constantly getting us mixed up.
Never been as "into" the award shows as you, but I'll be watching nonetheless.

Olivejenny said...

I'm going to miss the "Not" names, too, but I will turn my energies to cheering for your locally-owned video store, Not Netflix! We love our local video store, and they even sometimes waive the late fees when we simply forget we still had the DVD, which they know (by now) is going to happen when they rent to us in the first place. I love Angel's suggestion shelf, and sometimes Paul's. :D

snoozq32 said...

OMG! I was going to post "has a meeting in the ladies room" as my fb status the other day. I must have been feelin' your vibe.