Monday, March 8, 2010

I whipped potatoes for dinner, too.

I listened to a woman on Fresh Air with Terry Gross today discussing her years working as a professional dominatrix.  She was hawking a book, but I won't link to it.  Just google "dominatrix" and "whip" and you're sure to find it.

I learned a thing or two.  The best place for dominatrix supplies?  The Home Depot, what with their ropes, chains, clamps and rubber gloves.  Also, she was paid to make her clients cry, but she did not ever have sex with them.  Surprise!  Also, she's a former addict and is shocked that, "people assume there's some correlation between being a heroin addict and a dominatrix."  Yes.

By the time she mentioned being paid based on "a sliding scale" (that's what she said!) and then thanking Terry Gross by saying the interview was "a huge pleasure" (that's what she said!), I was feeling quite childish about the whole topic.  But it got me thinking, if word association counts as thinking.

It reminded me to rent that Juno On Skates movie.

It also inspired a theme for today's dance party.

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