Thursday, March 25, 2010

Shaven, spun

You know how, when you don't shave your legs ALL WINTER, and then...oh nevermind, we'll skip that.

Not Don got on a plane this morning.  I immediately shaved my legs and I'm not even having an affair, unless you count my virtual affairs with Barack Obama and Jamie Oliver.  I'm going to a spin class.  It's insane.  I must post now because I don't believe I'll physically be able to type for 48 hours.

You know how I feel about Barack but Jamie Oliver, celebrity chef, is fairly new to me.  I don't watch cooking shows and I don't buy many cookbooks, but I love me a good iPhone app.  I added his 20 Minute Meals app this week and N. and I used it to shop and cook together last night.  His cute face and accent don't hinder the cooking process at all.  We were all excited about leeks and thyme and creme fraiche.  It's fun and easy to use.  Another win for the iPhone.

Here is my iPhone app wish list:  Car Keys App, Eyeglasses App, Credit Card App, Drivers License App, Car Insurance App.  I won't even wish for the Razor App - I'd only use it for special occasions anyway.


TeacherSharon said...

The Jamie Oliver app is the one function that caused me to swear heartily at my beloved BlackBerry. I needs me some Jamie Oliver.

Shutt2u said...

I love that you blogged during the day so that I don't have to wait until tomorrow to read it...keep it up! Is there an app for that?