Friday, February 19, 2010

Stanky/Oscar crosstalk

I've seen very few movies this past year, probably the fewest in my adult life. I think UP is the only Best Picture nominee I bothered with, so of course I believe it should win. Those Pixar folks never cease to amaze me. (You know, Where the Wild Things Are was an important film for me because my friend worked on it and I was really rooting for it to be a blockbuster/critical darling. Then beyond the whole friend thing, I loved WTWTA and got a bit defensive with anyone who didn't "get it," so screw you, Academy.) (I digress, hence the parentheses.)

If I end up dragging myself to a theater to see one of the Oscar nominated films, I want to see An Education. It's indie and British and 60s-hipster and Nick Hornby wrote it. Plus, it stars Peter Sarsgaard. He has a quality. That quality is thinly veiled sleaze. Peter Sarsgaard is the new James Spader - not the Stanky/Boston Legal version, the sex, lies and videotape version. I had a thing for that young James Spader. He was a little creepy and pasty and smarmy, but also intelligent and tall. He acted in edgy films before he pulled a Shatner and decided to become a constant self-parody. Peter Sarsgaard has stepped in to fill my Spader Void (the void is in my heart - keep it clean, people!), and I salute him for that and I might (might) just go see his movie.


Sharon said...

Speaking of stankiness, is it wrong that when I read the movies/celebs you mention, I think first of their celeb significant others and am completely distracted as a result? I see "An Education" and think, "Carey Mulligan should dump that douche Shia LeBeef Bourguignon." Or I Peter's name and think "Maggie Gyllenhaaaaall and Peter Saaaarsgaaaard are going to have kids who have no choice but to be Goths." And then James Spader....James Spader...come to think of it, nobody sleeps with James Spader. OK, nevermind.

The Mike said...

James Spader always creeped me out, and I never liked the way he acted (or didn't seem to act much more than a board does). I think I first saw him i Pretty in Pink. There have to be other tall, blonde, intelligent actors who have piqued your interest. I suppose each has her own guilty pleasure.