Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sprayed Out

I love the sound of that little metal ball inside the spray paint can when I shake it up. Ooh, ah. It's not as delightful on a windy day on the front porch. Residue in four colors is all over the porch and I'm waiting for Not Don to notice (go outside and notice it, Babe). I didn't realize the paper I put down was inadequate until I cleaned up.

What was I working on? Party decorations! Ooh, ah. C. Louise's dance is tomorrow and I'm doing the decor. The theme is Masquerade Ball and the colors are red, blue and purple - all chosen by the students, btw. I spray painted masks, styrofoam and dowels to make centerpieces. If I were more resourceful I would have taken a photo to share.

Tomorrow morning, I have a ticket to see Madame Butterfly at the Dallas Opera. I may skip it so I have all day to get my dance decorating ducks in a row. That decision will be made in the morning. The other decision I need to make is whether or not to honor C's wish that I not show my face at her dance. It's OK for me to decorate and to come back three hours later to clean, but she's unhappy with me chaperoning during the event.

I'm going to shake my spray paint cans and meditate on that sound for awhile.

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