Sunday, May 23, 2010

She smells just as sweet.

Hey kids, wasn't I proud of you just yesterday?  I have to be proud again today?

OK, so I realized I rarely mention my middle child on this blog.  I'm always yammering on about Miss M's misadventures and C. Louise's teen fabulosity, but I've barely introduced the tween.  (One reason is my stupid naming conventions to protect their identities...I don't like "Miss N" - I didn't like Miss C either so it became C. Louise.  I didn't go with the old Not ___ with my kids names, for some reason.  mmmm.  I'm tired.  Have you dozed off yet?)

So, what's-her-name had her first dance recital tonight.  It was fun and she was cute as can be, dressed in red and dancing hip hop.  It was the last event in a week that included my attendance at a field trip, parent day, an orchestra concert, a rehearsal and the recital.  I was proud of my kids every step of the way, even of the one who shall not be named.


TeacherSharon said...

I was watching an episode of "The Simpsons" yesterday when what's-her-face's similarities to Lisa Simpson suddenly struck me. She was organizing a protest movement.

Olivejenny said...

Good ol what's-her-name! :D

Not Stacy said...

She is our Lisa Simpson. Most of the events this week were hers - she quite the little joiner - probably because she's the middle and and doesn't want to be ignored, as is her destiny.