Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dermo F-U

F-U as in follow-up.

Look at my neck now.

The dermatologist's first move, as predicted, was to offer me botox.  I declined.  Her second move was to brandish a razor blade and slice off the neck mole to make a neck hole.  (I'm proud of this picture, taken with my phone while sitting in traffic.)

She also sliced something from my shoulder blade.  I never saw it but the doctor described it like this:
I left the office with 2 prescriptions for ointments.  Since I had declined botox, the doctor recommended I try Frownies.  Frownies are pieces of tape you put on your frown lines at bedtime.  Sleeping with tape on my forehead sounds sexy, sure, and the active ingredients of tape are: adhesive and paper.  That (Don't try to get rid of laugh lines with Frownies.  They are not FDA approved for that.) 


susan said...

Oh, I forgot about Frownies. I have them. They are in the back of my bathroom cabinet. I read a few years ago that they are the celebs' secret weapon against "lines". I don't know if they work because I have never used them for the recommended about of time (which I think is three nights in a row) Plus, you look kind of funny with these things "taped" to your face. Plus, they kind of hurt coming off. If your derm recommended them though, maybe I should pull them out. The packaging is cute.

susan said...

oops typo. I meant "amount" of time. :)

The Mike said...

So if the tape works, you will be able to say, "Heckuva job Frownies."

Olivejenny said...

Do they have whole-body Frownies? (jk, no way for me) My best plan so far is to just continue to ignore my increasing blindness. I figured the less I see the older I get, the better. Owie on the neck hole!