Thursday, May 6, 2010

Open Letter To Doctors

Dear Physicians,

In your practice, you're going to ask every of us, the patients, to take off our clothes.  It's part of the doctor-patient contract that we, the patients, will be naked when we meet you.  I'm fine with that.  However, if you know you are going to ask every single person who darkens your door to disrobe, where are the hangers? Where's the closet? A rod? A frickin hook? Perhaps a drawer?

Every stupid exam room has One Chair.  One Chair where we, the patients, are ordained to pile up our clothing when we undress. One Chair sucks. We, the patients, don't ever get a chance to sit in the One Chair. We sit on the crinkly paper on the Tall Table on the other side of the room. (Personally, I am far more comfortable sitting there nude (and cold, btw) than I am staring at my pathetic bra draped over the arm of the One Chair from across the room.) If a patient brings a family member along, the family member wants to sit in the One Chair. Then what? Should the family member hold the patient's clothing throughout the appointment or just sit on it?

Fix this.

Yours til the hangers on,

Not Stacy


susan said...

Seriously! Also, what about when we are at the GYN and we have to put our underwear on the chair too.

Olivejenny said...

Where. Do. I. Sign. The. Petition?