Saturday, May 8, 2010


Today, my sister e-mailed an on-line gift card from both of us to our Mom for Mother's Day.

Today, I tried to donate to a charity I want to support but the website is down.  It will take me awhile to find my checkbook and stamps.

Right now, my friend is live streaming a birthday party and I'm on my couch watching a bunch of guys slamming around to punk music and having a ball.

Not there. Not there. Not there.


susan said...

itt1990Were they shirtless? Because that would have made a difference. :)

I have headaches with the internet for different reasons. Out here in the "sort of" country where I live, there is no High Speed Internet services via cable. So, our television and internet service is through Direct TV satelite. Well, when I have had a little too much fun downloading music or watching television episodes on the web a little thing called "Fair Access Policy Threshold Exceeded" will rain on my parade. Therefore, there will be no video streaming parties for me :( While I am visiting my mom today, I will take my laptop and suck on my parent's high speed cable connection! :)

susan said...

oh guh, forget those first random letters.....I was typing some letters because nothing was "appearing" when I was typing....

The Mike said...

No one wanted to see those old guys shirtless, huffing and puffing.