Wednesday, May 19, 2010

So what else is new?

Let's get caught up, shall we?

--We've lost all three goldfish in the space of a week. Rest in peace 50 Cent, Polka Dot (or Dots, I never knew for sure) and Peaches. Mysteriously, the cat that took a huge shit on top of my bed yesterday goes on living.

--I read an actual book while I was unplugged. Haven't done a lot of page turning lately and the books I have been choosing, I can't seem to finish. I picked up Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn and it was just what I needed:  dark, quick and entertaining.

--I've been thinking about how to work schadenfreude into a conversation.  I've mastered bildungsroman and I'm ready to add to my snotty German vocab.  I probably missed my best opportunity at book club last night.  I had not read the book (a bildungsroman, btw) we (they) discussed and I didn't have much else to contribute. They would have undoubtedly felt schadenfreude for me if I tried it.  Next time.

--I didn't entirely give up facebook for three days.  I admit it:  I lurked.  I hate the lurkers that never have a damn thing to say and never update, but you know they're right there reading everything.  Come on, people.  Shit, or get off the bed, as my cat would say.

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Olivejenny said...

That darn cat! ;) I feel ya about the lurkers. The world is full of them and certainly my facebook friends list is full of them. (haha, not you, Not Stacy! Glad you're back) :D Sometimes I just give the lurkers a dose of what it's like to have a news feed as boring as what they offer me, sometimes I unfriend them quietly (as I did this morning, nobody likes dead weight). Mostly I ignore them (which seems to be what they want) and do my own thing (which sometimes includes facebook and sometimes doesn't). I'm the boss of me. :D

Good for you for doing what you want. Schadenfreude! :D