Sunday, May 2, 2010

Blog slog

I didn't post anything last night.  I was down the street at a Kentucky Derby party.  Our neighbors have the party every year.  Kids are everywhere, the food is great, the keg is cold and there is always a pinata and games involving live chickens.  After Miss M fell into the pool, we exited the party and put her to bed.  More friends came by and we each took a beverage in hand for a 10:30 PM stroll through the neighborhood.

I relate this in a travelogue, non-embellished way because what I did last night is not my point.  My point is that by the time I sat down to blog, it was midnight, I'd had some drinks and my mind was a blank.  I want to post everyday and I try to go ahead and write during the day if I know I'll be out late.  Miscalculated yesterday.  My new tactic is to post twice after an off day to make-up for slacking.

I keep thinking I'll eventually get to the point - not just in this meandering post, but in the reason for being here at all.

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Olivejenny said...

My motto is, "What's the point if everything has to have a point?" Ok, it's not a motto and I just made it up. Perhaps Sheryl Crowe said it best ... if it makes you haaaaaaapyyyyy, it can't be that baa-aa-aa-ad....