Friday, May 7, 2010

Catalog Log

Today is my copy deadline for the catalog.  Yesterday, I isolated myself in a coffee shop where I wouldn't know anyone - I know everyone at Starbucks and there's too much talking over there.  Working at the studio is distracting, though often necessary.  Working at home is just plain distracting.  The coffee shop worked beautifully for me yesterday, so I'm back today.  And guess what?  I'm blogging...kinda distracted after all, I guess.

I know I'm getting tired when I start using words like homage, ubiquitous and epitomize - they have no place in a catalog, really.

1 comment:

Olivejenny said...

I'd like to pay homage to that latte. They don't seem as ubiquitous these days as they used to, but that specimen in front of your Mac epitomizes what yer looking for in a latte. (that would be really funny if you said it was a cappuccino) Anyhoo, good thinking on the coffee shop! If you get tired again, just order some coffee. :D

Oh, and I really really really have to tell you that my captcha word is "cootie." I love this place!