Saturday, April 10, 2010

Yard Sale

Spring has sprung, for sure.  I'll be preparing for a yard sale all this week.  Usually when I think about having a yard sale, I come to my senses and donate everything instead.  This time, my kids are interested in making some do-re-mi and want to help.  I'm emptying drawers and closets.  Today I also pulled out piles of magazines to recycle and books to sell at the used bookstore.  Next up will be rearranging the furniture and changing bedrooms around again - get ready, Not Don.  I'm going to post some before/after photos of my rooms as I go.

I'm so over Kristen Wiig.

1 comment:

Shutt2u said...

I've never thought Kristen Wiig was funny.
Except the double-i's. That's chuckle-worthy.