Sunday, April 18, 2010

A compliment wrapped in a directive.

I had some anxiety getting ready for my friends' Dad's 80th birthday party.  I'd made a tactical error and had my eyebrows waxed at the last minute, so I had to wear make-up to cover up the angry redness.   (Plus, I baked yesterday, so I figured, why not be a girl two days in a row?) I'm never comfortable in make-up - it's not a confidence issue, I just don't look like myself and I feel like I'm in a mask.  It takes time, it takes maintenance, it's a hassle, etc.  But when I decide to wear it for whatever reason, I'm always frustrated by my lack of skill resulting from my lack of experience.  Too much?  Too little?  Wrong color?  Shit!  (Okay, so this is when it turns into a confidence issue.)

My friends were saluting their Dad during the party and I cried off a lot of mascara listening to them pay tribute to him.  The common thread in all their speeches was gratitude and awe at his unflagging support, love and guidance.  Each of his kids shared how his wisdom and advice had shaped their lives.

I spoke to this 80 year-old oracle toward the end of the party and he asked me,
"Not Stacy, why do you look different?"
"I'm not wearing my glasses and I have on make-up."
"You know what?  Forget natural.  You need a little something.  Forget natural beauty."


Olivejenny said...

Well, I just want to hug that octogenarian. Wasn't that sweet? ;) Men know what they like and he's lived long enough to learn to be honest. May we all attain such wisdom for the value of honesty.

And be honest with yourself, I say. You know you're more comfortable in no make-up than in make-up. And you're gorgeous! Nuff said.

I am a recovering make-up addict myself. Started when I was 13 and still has not ended, and it's DEF a confidence issue for me. It's all pretty psychotic, but I'm happy to say that I now very rarely wear make-up, even when grocery shopping with the other "hippies" at Whole Foods. (who usually have $100 coifs and $200 jeans and I'm guessing somewhere in the neighborhood of $12.37 worth of make-up on their faces)

What's my point? I have no point other than I have no lipstick you can borrow. And you don't need it!

susan said...

kids and the elderly are honest. :) Just the other day Shelby (7) grabbed the little bit of skin she could from the back of her thigh and asked "Is this fat?" I told her no, but even if it was, a little bit of fat on your bones is good for you. She then poked my stomach and said "like this fat?"

Anyway, you look marvelous with or without makeup! :)

Anonymous said...

I love that! I just saw this post. He never disappoints, as we always say. I personally liked when he said that his sons-in-law JUST MIGHT be more worthy of admiration than his daughters. That was priceless! What a yuckster. Love that guy.