Thursday, April 8, 2010

I Might Be Giant

I love dollhouses and miniatures.  There, I said it.  Not cool, I know, I know.  I bought dollhouse furniture at a store called The Wee Wreath as a kid, even though I had no dollhouse to put it in. I've foisted dollhouses and tiny dolls and tiny furniture on my children all their lives, even when they could have choked on them.  I believe my compulsion to constantly rearrange furniture is rooted in dollhouse mania.

Today, I saw a photo essay in the New York Times about a collector of modern dollhouses.  Suddenly, dollhouse collecting looks very cool and grown up without going to the "nutty old lady with dolls" extreme.  It could totally be my hobby, but I know I would be obsessed and then I'd have no time for my life-size family or actual home, or blogging.  At least blogging is free - and it takes up no space - and it never needs dusting.


Olivejenny said...

hmmmm... doll houses and miniatures. Reminds me of my dad (well, miniatures, not dolls) and my mother-in-law, whose 6-foot tall home made doll house made The Paper! (what, they're not old!) (and neither are you) (even if you're wearing a shawl while blogging, not dusting, about your love of life-size and miniature decorating.)

The Mike said...