Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cut, copy and paste, and other lessons learned today.

1.  People are nice.*
2.  If you go for a walk rather than go to Starbucks, do not panic.  Just go to Starbucks at 11:00.
3.  Too many coconut macaroons make you unhappy late in the evening.
4.  'Command' on the macbook is the same as the control key on the PC.
5.  When you want to write something long but don't have time, make an inane list instead.

*This one is my favorite.  #1 with a bullet.


snoozq32 said...

I also learned #3, but with too many Peeps. Now if they made a chocolate covered peep and then covered that in coconut....OMG HEAVEN!

Olivejenny said...

#1 is is my favorite with a bullet, too.*

(Are we going to need to do an Intervention with snoozq32 with the Peeps? Just checking "everyone's" vibe with that. Shhh.)