Thursday, April 15, 2010


Here's what I'm not doing this week:

1) Becoming a vegan.
2) Becoming a yardsaler.  (Yardseller?  Yardsailor?)
3) Becoming a beekeeper.


1) Hungry.
2) Unprepared.
3) I had an interesting conversation with the honeybee guild lady.  She's quite nice and she is, in her words, a beevangelist. She told me the guild is not a club and it doesn't deal with hobbyists.  Bees and environmentalism are their life and livelihood and they only add new folks to their guild (not a club) that are very committed and that fit a certain profile.  She suggested I find a mentor (a Bee Marm) to advise me and immerse me in the bee culture.  (Again, the guild is not a club and she could not recommend anyone to serve as a Bee Marm to me.)  She told me to e-mail her now and once things settle down after the guild's flurry of activity this month due to Earth Week, she will contact me.  (I don't think I'll fit the environmentalist profile since I thought it was just Earth Day, not Earth Week.)  To attract her - like a bee to a flower - I titled my e-mail like this:  WANNA-BEE!
(OK, wanna-bee is just genius.  And, since I'm a genius, I don't really need to become any of that other stuff.)


Olivejenny said...

You're right, you don't need to beecome any of that other stuff. ;) In fact, in my head as I read this, I was really picturing the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland. (OFF with her HEAD!) Sounds kinda scary. Did you invite her to your yard sale?

susan said...

pure genius!