Saturday, April 24, 2010

Off the wagon and onto the Porch

I'm drunk (afternoon margaritas with Not Loni and Not Mel) , I'm on the phone with Not Karen (hi Not Karen!), and I'm supposedly getting ready for an "impromptu" front porch party (Not Don is really doing the work), invites announced on facebook.  Sorry for any incoherence, but if you're a regular reader and you expect to see a post from me each day, this is it, bitches.  I doubt I'll be in any shape to write anything later.  If you stop by tonight, you will automatically be a member of Professional Porch Sitters Union, Local 6012.


susan said...

I am porch sittin' with you in spirit. Rainy here. Cheers!

TeacherSharon said...

Hi Not Stacy! Again, I am in awe of the level of coherence you exhibit on two margaritas. Carry on, soldier.

XO, Not Karen

P.S. I had to type the word "eminent" to post this comment. Makes me feel important.

Olivejenny said...

Sounds like your neighbors are lucky people. Yes, well done and cheers! :D

(my captcha word is "noblevi" ... all right.) ;)