Monday, April 12, 2010

Ho hum *achoo*

My good day has fizzled.  I started strong with a teacher conference, Starbucks with Miss M and a visit to the garden center.  I planted my pots, finished a project, grocery shopped and cooked a meal that everyone (sort of) ate.  Ho hum, but a really good ho hum:  the ho hum where productive meets relaxing.

Have you heard this is a horrible pollen season?  Now I'm mainlining red wine, albuterol and benadryl.  I'll sleep for sure, but my eyes may not actually close.

   Before                                                             After



TeacherSharon said...

Sorry you feel crappy, but the pots were worth it. Well done.

snoozq32 said...

very nice potting going on. I have the same "cocktail" as you except the red is white (red makes me too stuffy) and Flonase is in the mix. Hope you feel better.