Monday, April 26, 2010

That voice! That brain!

Tonight, Not Dunmire, Not Loni and I went to see David Sedaris.  (Thanks for the Christmas gift of tickets, Not Dunmire!)

I can't retell the simplest jokes and his stories are certainly much longer and more twisted and subtle than most jokes, so I won't attempt to share - it's all a blur of Blue Jays in Guatemala, Irish Setter sex, a horse in sneakers, hotel fires and of course, air travel.  The first lesson of comedy is to do a bit about air travel.  Kills every time.

I saw David Sedaris a few years back and something I love about him is that he's always plugging someone else's books.  I discovered my homegirl Jincy Willett through him.  Tonight, he recommended Irish Girl  and now I'm recommending it to you.  (I haven't read it, but David has and David says to buy it, so I will and so will you.)

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Olivejenny said...

You forgot to mention that he also has awesome specs. :D

(my captcha word today is ... syclom)