Sunday, April 11, 2010

html is my style

I took this fashion quiz and scored preppy, so I retook it and scored bohemian. It's no better or worse than a facebook quiz, I suppose, but you do get brand suggestions at the end. I'm really just posting this because to do so, I had to correct their html to get it to work and that makes my preppy/bohemian/Capricorn heart happy.


TeacherSharon said...

I got "Feminine," and it lists Nanette Lepore and Anthropologie as my brands. All's well here.

snoozq32 said...

I took it three times and got two "Preppy" and a "Sporty". I can't believe that I got "Preppy" even when I checked Kanye West and Lady Gaga as my dream concert. I didn't care for most of the pairings. Now Dave Matthews with Lady Gaga would be a dream.
I haven't worn any of the listed items in the Preppy column probably since high school. I do have some love for J. Crew though. How many times do I have to take it to be "Feminine/Bohemian"? :)

Olivejenny said...

I scored "Preppy" and chose not to take it again. I'm mystefied how my answers equated to that result, but I'll take their word for it and continue ignoring fashion. Who needs it? I'm wearing a pair of jersey shorts (size large - practically falling off) and a tank top (size small - practically cutting off circulation) and a zip-up hoodie (size medium - for the illusion that it all fits underneath). Couldn't tell you what any of the "labels" are.

Clearly I don't need labels. Or fashion. hahaha (should I just go ahead and shave my head now?) ;)

The Mike said...

Ugh, Sporty? As if. I haven't been sporty in more years than I care to remember, if ever.