Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Is it raining with you?

It's not functioning at top speed anymore, but my uterus kicks up a  fuss every time I see something like this.  I can't go get one of those, so I find myself trolling around the Corgi rescue site looking for a sister for Oliver. Alas, I know from experience babies and dogs are all like "me, me, me, take care of me" and oh boy, do I really want to go there? I tell my uterus to shut up while I explore options further down the food chain.

-I struck out with Not Don in my quest to raise chickens.
-I struck out with the bee guild in my quest to be a beekeeper.
No human, no mammal, no fowl, no insect.
Fine.  I want a rain barrel.
I don't know if I'll be able to handle the extra pressure and time demands droplets would place on me.  Am I responsible enough, or will someone else have to take over their care when I lose interest?  Am I worthy of custody? Give me a chance, Rain!  I won't let you down.  My uterus is already singing that "slide down my rain barrel" song.


susan said...

I feel ya. My youngest sister is about to have one of "those". I can get my daily dose of baby and then walk away. :) I have been wanting an alpaca for a while and a girl I work with has goats for sale. Who knows.

I also HAD to comment because my word is "undereux"

well then I typed it wrong, apparently, and got an even better word "coutchiz"

Olivejenny said...

OH! I'm so jealous now! Been wanting a few of those for years. (we're slow) (I'm talking about the rain barrels, btw) "grangst"