Sunday, April 25, 2010

Don't blog about facebook, or facebook about blogging.

A simple enough rule.

Here are some other of my personal blog rules:
1) Don't focus on the kids every minute.
2) Don't give advice.
3) Make it personal, but not, you know, personal hygiene personal.
4) Don't talk politics.*

OK, so without blogging politics here, let me say I broke my facebook rule about not talking politics over there.  (My facebook rules are shockingly similar to my blog rules except for the hygiene part.) On facebook, I wrote a tirade and 40+ comments later, I deleted a friend.  I will obsess about deleting a friend for awhile.  It was warranted, but it's not comfortable. I want to be all cool and cavalier and all fuck that shit about it, but I can't. Oy, I hate hand wringing.  New blog rule, #5:  No hand wringing.  (shit - I do that all the time over here -- now what will I write about? wringing, wringing)

*I debate this rule a lot.  I like talking politics, just not sure this is the spot for it. (wringing)

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The Mike said...

Will somebody please get that?

One of my favourite quotes of all time comes from "A Perfect Day for Bananafish", "She was a girl who for a ringing phone dropped exactly nothing."